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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the theme this year?

For planning purposes, we have a theme for our seasonal beds which changes every year. 2021 showcases “Kaleidoscope of Color” featuring mosaic-like patterns and repetitions of bold colors sweeping through the beds. Display beds and containers are labelled with the year and name of the theme represented.

Q. What do you do with plants you dig up (tulips, mums, etc.)

We compost them and return the compost back to the gardens. No staff, visitor or volunteer may take any plant from the gardens. We introduce the public to new plants each year. Many annuals are held over in our greenhouse and used the following year.

Q. Where do you get your plants? OR Where can I get that plant?

We purchase from a number of wholesale nurseries as well as places like Meijer, Lowes, Home Depot, Marc’s. Many of the container plants come from Wilson’s Garden Center in Newark (across from the Longaberger big basket building). Sometimes unusual annuals and perennials also come from Baker’s Acres in Alexandria. Groovy Plants Ranch is a place in Marengo where we purchased many succulents.

Q. I’ve seen lots of green shirts; how do I become a volunteer?

We have a 4-week training each year in March and require all of our volunteers to attend that training. Click here

Q. What is the Innis House used for?

The Innis House is the former home of Grace and Mary Innis. The Innis House main room and the library are the only areas open to the public. The remainder of the Innis House is staff offices. The main room is used for our own educational programs, Metro Parks training, volunteer activities and non-profit nature/garden related activities. The Innis House is not available for rent. There are no facilities that may be reserved or rented at Inniswood.

Q. Where are the restrooms?

Public restrooms are near the parking lot and adjacent to the Sisters’ Garden.

The restrooms in the Innis House are not available for general public use, except to participants during a public program.

Q. Weddings?

There are written wedding regulations and all weddings and wedding photography is restricted to the Rose Garden. There are no reservations. Click Here.

Q. How do I get a bench?

We no longer are adding benches to the grounds.

Q. How are donations used for the gardens?

The Inniswood Garden Society receives donations into the Garden Development fund and the board approves expenditures for the Gardens.

Q. What other opportunities are there for a name inscription?

There is a glass art piece in the main room of the Innis House. Donations of $1000 and more are entitled for a name inscription of up to 33 characters.

Q. Do artists set up and paint or draw here?

Yes, as long as the paths are not blocked. Click here for printed guidelines.

Q. When is your plant sale?

The first weekend of May, Saturday 9am-4pm and Sunday 11am-3pm. The spring plant sale is sponsored by the Inniswood Volunteers and the Herb Society of America, Central Ohio Unit, featuring a wide variety of perennials, herbs and a small selection of annuals.

Q. Can I bring in live plants for my photo shoot?

No live plants, pumpkins, logs or other materials may be brought into the Gardens due to the possibility they could harbor disease or pests.

Q. Can I pick the plants?

Picking of plants is not permitted at Inniswood nor in any of the Metro Parks.

Q. Can I collect leaves or seeds?

Seed collection of any type, is not permitted. Leaves that have fallen on the grass that would be mowed may be collected. No leaf may be removed from any plant or tree or those laying in the garden beds.

Q. What is your photo policy?

Click here for information on photography at Inniswood Metro Gardens.