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The Gardens and Trails

Situated on 123 acres, Inniswood Metro Gardens is a continual source of inspiration for central Ohioans of all ages. A natural woodland is home to native wildflowers, wildlife and waterways which provides a majestic backdrop to the beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns.

Dedicated to the enjoyment, cultivation and preservation of nature’s treasures, Inniswood boasts more than 2,000 species of plants, specialty collections and themed gardens, including a children’s garden, as well as the Rose, Herb, Conifer and Woodland Rock Gardens.

Inniswood Metro Gardens is a facility of the Franklin County Metro Parks. Operation and maintenance funds are provided by the taxpayer supported park district, however, continued growth and development are contingent upon gifts from private citizens and philanthropic organizations, such as the Inniswood Garden Society.

A Tribute to Two Sisters

Inniswood Metro Gardens was once the 37-acre estate of sisters Grace and Mary Innis, who enjoyed gardening and wildlife observation, respectively. The Innis sisters’ desire to preserve and enhance their gardens and woodlands for the enjoyment of all people resulted in the generous donation of their home and property to Franklin County Metro Parks in 1972.

To honor the memory of Grace and Mary Innis, Metro Parks opened the 2.8-acre Sisters’ Garden in 2002. Designed to celebrate the complexity of nature and the inquisitiveness of childhood, The Sisters’ Garden aspires “to nurture the nature of the child in everyone.”

Detailed Description of the Gardens

Brookwood Trail Garden:
Seasonal display garden transitions into shade plantings, a host collection and a sunny perennial border.

Circle Garden:
Four mixed planting points create a compass of seasonal color inviting visitors to choose a path of discovery.

Conifer Garden:
Collection of evergreen and deciduous conifers, including dwarf varieties.

Cutting Garden:
Annual and perennial plants suitable for use as cut flowers.

Fern Garden:
A test site of the Hardy Fern foundation, featuring a collection of rare and unusual hardy ferns.

Herb Garden:
A wide variety of herbs grouped by uses, featuring a thyme collection.

Memorial Garden:
Shade gardens featuring island beds of mixed perennial and woody plants, location of signature Inniswood gate and site where the Innis hosta was discovered.

Rose Garden:
Collection of hybrid tea, floribunda, climbing and Earth-Kind™ roses.

Sisters’ Garden:
Seven gardens within a 2.8-acre children’s garden honoring Grace and Mary Innis.
» Click here to download the Sisters’ Garden PDF brochure and map

The Woodland Rock Garden:
Features cascading waterfalls amid conifers and woodland.       


0.5 Miles – Easy
Hike – Boardwalk and Gravel – ADA
Winds through a beech-maple forest

0.5 Miles – Easy
Hike – Paved – ADA
Crosses a creek and passes the Memorial and Sisters’ Gardens

Chipmunk Chatter
0.6 Miles – Easy
Hike/Bike/Pets – Paved
Goes through woods on the outside of the gardens

Frog Talk Walk
0.1 Miles – Easy
Hike – Boardwalk – ADA
Runs alongside a pond and passes the Rose and Herb gardens

Sister’s Garden Loop
0.25 Miles – Easy
Hike – Paved – ADA
Goes through woods and loops around the Sister’s Garden

Spring Run
0.3 miles – Easy
Hike – Gravel
Runs through an oak-hickory forest


Download a PDF Map of Inniswood Metro Gardens


Download a PDF brochure of Inniswood Metro Gardens