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Inniswood Metro Gardens is a beautiful location for photography. Please help us to care for the Gardens and maintain our safe, beautiful and serene atmosphere by adhering to these simple rules, which are designed for the safety of our plants, animals and visitors alike.

  • Stay on the mowed lawn or path without blocking visitors
  • Park in designated parking spaces unless directed otherwise or allowed by a special permit
  • Wedding photography is restricted to the Rose Garden. Click here for current Wedding Regulations.
  • Drone photography is not allowed on the grounds.

Please do not

  • Move or borrow any display items
  • Move benches, containers, signs or labels
  • Place yourself, a client or props in planted areas, trees, water features or on any structures
  • Bring in any live cut flower, plant, gourds, pumpkins, straw, etc. as these can harbor pests and disease
  • Attach decorations of any kind or clothing to any structures, sign, gate or plant or post signs, advertisements or notices
  • Insert any item into the ground, as this interferes with irrigation lines
  • Leave your props and personal possessions unattended
  • Change clothes in any public area, but only in the restrooms
  • Take over areas of the Gardens for exclusive use or enter areas of the park closed to the general public
  • Block entrances, pathways or Garden areas for use by others in any way.

Metro Parks has a Commercial Use Activity policy that applies to all Metro Parks, including Inniswood Metro Gardens. A permit must be obtained to conduct any commercial use activity within Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks.

Photography is a popular activity in Metro Parks and a general permit has been issued under the authority of Park Rule 5.3 allowing commercial photography without the need for an individual commercial use activity permit. All other Metro Parks Rules and Regulations shall be followed. Should additional rules and regulations need to be waived, please obtain the requisite permit. If you have questions as to whether your activity requires a commercial use permit, call 614.895.6216 or 614.895.0700.

For a copy of Metro Parks Rules and Regulations:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation